Timecode Systems UltraSync One Shipping Update

This is what Timecode Systems released in their news section:

The excitement caused by the UltraSync ONE definitely beat our expectations (and believe us, we’re a positive bunch of people at Timecode Systems!) As we told you in our previous update, the decision to ramp up production to meet the higher-than-anticipated demand for the products has added a slight delay to us shipping out products. Let us explain.

The cost of **UltraSync ONE** is something everyone has been (pleasantly) surprised by – £240 for a unit of this size with so many sync features is amazing value for money. The low price we’re able to offer on this unit is based on the innovative way it’s been designed and incredibly efficient way we are manufacturing and assembling **UltraSync ONE**.

We’ve been working around the clock to get manufacturing up to full speed and to top quality but inevitably, when the size of the first production run increased quite dramatically, we had to make a few tweaks to our manufacturing process to make sure everything was absolutely spot on. We apologise for the delay this has caused, but we promise it was all completely necessary.

### **When will I receive my order?**

We know you’re eager to get your UltraSync ONEs and we are moving as rapidly as possible to make that happen. The circuit boards are ready to go and production is due to be in full swing next week. Based on this we’re aiming for the first packaged UltraSync ONE units to ship to our global network of dealers in 2-3 weeks time. They are on standby to fulfil your orders as fast as they can on receiving products.

Although we cannot give specific delivery estimates for orders moving through our various global dealer sales channels, we anticipate customers who have placed pre-orders will start receiving their units from mid July.

### **Thank you for your patience**

We thank you for showing such interest in our technology; we’re absolutely thrilled by the support and enthusiasm we’ve received since launching UltraSync ONE at the end of April and look forward to you shooting in sync with them soon.

### **Stay updated**

Please look out for our next update announcing the shipping of the first UltraSync ONEs from Timecode Systems HQ. This will be your prompt to contact the dealer that you placed your order with for an accurate delivery estimate.

Matt Price

Matt Price

I am a London Based Sound Mixer and Sound Recordist working on Feature Films, Creative Content, Documentaries and Commericials.

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