Tentacle Sync E vs The Original Tentacle Features

Hey guys Matt from soundrolling.com and I wanted to show you the original model tentacle sync to the new version and basically compare them for you, quite a lot of things will be similar and there’s a few nifty little advances that I wanted to show you to the actual physical thing before we get into all the fancy Bluetooth stuff with the new tentacle sync E, again this is part of a playlist series so you may want to skip to any other relevant parts you’re most interested in,

firstly we still have the same good old sticky inbuilt back so you only ever have to buy one side of these things which is very nice.

I’m still just the sticky and they’ve kind of recessed it in the area a bit but I think it’s still gonna be able to hold its weight for sure, completely covering the whole pad, yeah still nice and strong obviously just keep it clean.

you may notice there’s this little Ridge here and that’s actually for cable locking and so whereas originally if you put the cable in although I never experienced this some people may have experienced accidental pulling out of the cable and there was no way to lock it in and and so that what they did is address this by being able to enable this little thing adapted to go on make sure you have the little Ridge side going corresponding with this Ridge,

Put it over and then it just locks into place basically and so any pulling of it is thwarted so that’s very good that they’ve addressed that otherwise I obviously the connection is exactly the same and you still have the same lights the turn on button has changed from a pressing button to a slide action but

you’ll notice you still get the same lighting display it goes on yeah and then it’s the same three press hold it turn it off and it’s still if I don’t get ahead of myself and then it’s still the same three press hold to enable it to be a generator straight off the bat as opposed to just receiving timecode

and so now we know it’s a turns green and it does exactly the same as performed, next to that light is the to flight and so that will let you know when it’s enabled so that’s a new feature the charging cable will have changed as well as the light because the USBC is actually completely round whereas you notice this one’s kind of squared off below the new Android phones a change into that as well but probably

another big thing that’s changed is the microphone so the microphone now has a very own dedicated grill nice easy access and obviously if stuck on top of the camera the scratch track is faced above whereas before it was hidden just behind here which wasn’t the most convenient thing so I’ll be doing a test on that as well in comparison and so

those are the kind of main features that you’re gonna kind of notice so in the next video I’m gonna take you through the Tentacle Sync E Bluetooth and syncing and setting up and we’ll see just how easy it is,

so until next time see you later

Matt Price

Matt Price

I am a London Based Sound Mixer and Sound Recordist working on Feature Films, Creative Content, Documentaries and Commericials.

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