Tentacle Sync E Standard Set Unboxing

Hey Guys, Matt from Soundrolling.com and today we’re gonna look at the Tentacle Sync E Standard Set as you can see we can get two Tentacle Sync E’s, two of mini jack cables, two charging cables with the USBC which is also the new charging for some of the Android phones and the hook tape mounting,

ten times in fact, being very generous indeed this is just the Tentacle Sync E Standard Set unboxing video but this is part of a series so do check it out for actually syncing these bad boys up in later videos, made in Cologne, licensing software and we’ve got the QuickStart guides and what everything actually is warranties stickers these are the two suckers here very nice and

finally we have this which is all the cables so these are your 3.5mm jack cables and these are the charging ones this is what the USB-C looks like it’s completely uniform which makes it easy so you don’t have to be confused by plugging it in and this is the tentacle sync itself so we’ve got a nice stylish new microphone here my camera will zoom then we’ve got the the input here two LED lights once for status and ones for Bluetooth over here.

Tentacle Sync E Standard Set

I like the on button and this is the inbuilt grip and I like the on button because it’s actually a switch now it does exactly the same if we hold it for long enough there we go so it needs to be synced still and if we hold it the classic flash and turn off so it’s gonna be everything that you’re very familiar with with the first edition but there’s now funky new bluetooth features and obviously this is where you’re going to be charging and get your charging light as well.

so join me in the next videos for the Tentacle Sync E Standard Set and we’ll sync these suckers up until next time see you later you.

Matt Price

Matt Price

I am a London Based Sound Mixer and Sound Recordist working on Feature Films, Creative Content, Documentaries and Commericials.

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