Soundequip Presentations Tuesday 22nd August | Sydney, Australia.

Soundequip Event Tuesday 22nd August

The following is taken from a post on Facebook about the event:

On Tuesday 22nd August Soundequip Sydney will be honoured to welcome two guests from Lectrosonics.

They and Soundequip Event people will be presenting several new and recently-released products.

• Sonosax R4+ and R8+ mixer / recorder (16-tracks) • Lectrosonics Venue-2, VRT-2, SSM, LT and SRC systems • [Ambient Recording]( ACN timecode • Voice Technologies VT506WA Water Adventure lavalieres • Voice Technologies VT401 lavalieres • Voice Technologies 760-II headset mics

Interest has been strong and we have limited space, so we’re trying to schedule a series of presentations during the day and early evening. So it would be appreciated if you could talk to us and we’ll try to make suitable times for you.

Light refreshments will be served – but you’ll have to make your own tea or coffee. Moccona and some herbal stuff no less!

Soundequip Event – Sydney office. 1A Broughton Road Artarmon NSW 2064. Right opposite Artarmon Station.

Depending on demand, there may be repeat presentations the following week on Monday and Tuesday.

Any queries you’re welcome to call on +61 418 100 860 anytime. If you would like to attend, please email

About Soundequip

**Soundequip **was established in 1987. We sell and rent production audio and video equipment for television, outside broadcast, reality TV, motion picture, radio, education, government, defence and other industries.

Offices and showrooms are in both Melbourne and Sydney, and we assist clients in every state and territory of Australia. Some of our products we also supply to South-East Asia, New Zealand and other nearby countries.

The high quality products we provide have to pass a test, that’s our test of being good enough for professional use, which doesn’t always mean the most expensive. We’ll sometimes suggest better equipment at a lower cost, driving your budget further.

Our rental equipment is first class, current, and attended to with love and care. The last thing you need is unreliable equipment breaking down, damaging your production and your reputation. We back you up twenty four hours a day seven days a week. This won’t necessarily come at a higher cost, but it does come with the pride we have in what we do – and you can talk to us about your budget.

We strive to provide professional advice and take a personalised approach to all our clients, whether large organisations or individuals, to allow you to make the right choice for your requirements and affordability. Our staff have years of experience in your field and can talk your language. Our aim is to be of service to you, and so hopefully build the long-term relationship we have with many of our current clients.

Matt Price

Matt Price

I am a London Based Sound Mixer and Sound Recordist working on Feature Films, Creative Content, Documentaries and Commericials.

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