Sonosax SX-R4+ Firmware 3.0 Released

Sonosax have released a massive update: SX-R4+ Firmware 3.0.

SX-R4+ Firmware 3.0 CHANGELOG

  • Fixed SD card ERROR and SPEED ERROR
  • Enhanced note snippet list. Selecting an item will add it to the note (vs replace it). Selecting it again will remove is from the note.
  • Metadata tape can now be freely edited (12 chars max). When set, all audio files are stored in the path /PROJECT/WORKING DAY/TAPE. When empty, files are stored in /PROJECT/WORKING DAY and tape value is the working day
  • Added metadata take type menu, allowing to select the following: FALSE START, NO GOOD, CIRCLED, WILD TRACK, PICKUP, REHEARSAL, ANNOUNCEMENT, SOUND GUIDE. Take type is stored in the iXML metadata according to specification release 2.01
  • Added configuration save/restore to /from SD card (see menu SETUP/SYSTEM/BACKUP/RESTORE). Sub-menu SAVE OPTIONS allow user to select what should be saved in the configuration file
  • Added main screen peak-meters pages (horizontal, vertical)
  • Added limiter to headphones output (HEADPHONES/SETUP)
  • Added limiter to mix tracks (MIX/SETUP)
  • Increased headphones and output preset count from 4 to 8
  • Added headphones presets selection from main screen when level is locked (use rotary encoder)
  • Added RF64 ( encoding. This format is automatically used if max file size is > 4GB (set it in menu SETUP/RECORD SETTINGS/MAX FILE SIZE). Max file size is now 45GB, but default value remains to 4GB for compatibility reason
  • Added input delays (up to 96k, disabled at 176.4 and 192k)
  • Added project name selection list. Up to 8 project name can be defined in (METADATA/PROJECT)
  • Increased track name and note snippet list length from 8 to 32
  • Added “SHOW F. START” button in TAKE LIST menu, allowing to view false start takes
  • Decreased default alarm level
  • Modified default behavior for input gain long press knobs: now toggle phase reversal (instead of track arm)
  • Added link in sound report title, allowing to download data as CSV file
  • Full rework of the web interface, which allow now to modify monitoring, outputs, user settings, as well as metadata, last takes or track arming
  • Various minor bug fixes and interface modification, such as meters hold returns smoothly, added reset button in filetag menu, fixed battery time to empty, …

Matt Price

Matt Price

I am a London Based Sound Mixer and Sound Recordist working on Feature Films, Creative Content, Documentaries and Commericials.

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