Reimagining Pop Shield / Filters With PopAudio

Not just 1 filter but 3

PopAudio send me some pop shields to try as I’m setting up a post production wing for my soundrolling brand. I really liked that it wasn’t just 1 filter fits all but 3 of them. Here is a breakdown of what I show in the video above.

### PopAudio Fabric Pop Shield


The classic dual layer fabric filter. Constructed from two layers of acoustically transparent fabric, this filter is perfect for any situation.
### Metal


Robust and easy to clean, this filter is perfect for recording both on the road and in the studio. Built from two metal disks, each punched with hundreds of 0.8mm diameter holes, this filter offers great acoustic transparency whilst being strong and ready for life on the road.
### Foam


The ultimate solution for the most critical recording situations. For the purest, most uncompromised sound, our hydrophobic 20ppi foam filter provides extreme levels of transparency whilst preventing air blasts and moisture from damaging your microphone and ruining your recordings.

It also comes with a stupidly simple mounting mechanism which is great even for just saving hours a year screwing on and off traditional thread mounts. Attached with a twist and a click. With no fuss or wasted time you can just concentrate on getting the perfect take. Using their unique bayonet attachment mechanism, simply choose the filter you need and get recording. Focus on the sound and the performance, not the gear. With transparent fabric you are sure to impress people too.

As simple to use as a gooseneck but without any of the hassle. Using their unique ball and socket joint arm, you can position your filter however you want whilst being guaranteed the highest level of strength and stability. Say goodbye to drooping pop filters.

The strongest clamp but also the easiest to use. No more damaged stands, constant readjustment or broken clamps. Using a butterfly design and lined with high friction rubber, our clamp is quick and easy to position yet grips strongly to resist vertical and rotational movements. This a clamp you can rely on.

All in all a very strong product that will have your back no matter if you are travelling, permanently based in a studio or just have a particularly tricky setup or talent to deal with. Transparent fabric is the biggest win for all.

Matt Price

Matt Price

I am a London Based Sound Mixer and Sound Recordist working on Feature Films, Creative Content, Documentaries and Commericials.

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