Moleskin? Why not URSA Tape instead

What is URSA Tape?

URSA Tape is just soft strips of moleskin applied to hypoallergenic sticky tape. In Black, White, Beige & Brown. Great for reducing clothing rustle and camouflaging microphones. This is from the company URSA Straps.

Traditionally you had to buy moleskin for feet and so ended up with a really thick bit of it. It’s great for reducing clothes rustle as the soft fabric surface smooths any movements of cloth on cloth.

The hypoallergenic sticky URSA tape is essential for being able to also apply to anyone’s skin directly without worry of reactions.

I am currently waiting for my order of tape to have a go myself but the video below makes it look impressively simple and easy to work with and apply.

About Ursa Straps

URSA Straps was founded in 2015 by UK based Sound Mixer Simon Bysshe and his partner Laura who works in Costume Design.

We began making URSA Straps by hand in our garage. After surging demand we have scaled up our production with the aid of two highly experienced manufacturing firms in Northern England.

URSA Straps product designs are Patent Pending in the United States and protected by an EUIPO Registered Community Design in Europe.

For any enquiries please contact us on

Matt Price

Matt Price

I am a London Based Sound Mixer and Sound Recordist working on Feature Films, Creative Content, Documentaries and Commericials.

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