First Photos of The New GoPro Fusion 360 Camera.

The GoPro Fusion****360 was announced back in April (or at least their Pilot Programme), No one has had any pictures out online until Engadget got their hands on some. This is interesting development from the Omni rigs that have proven to be popular for those with lots of GoPros and stitching. The more cameras however and overlaps the more that can potentially go wrong and this is why I feel we will see more cameras adopting a 2 lens model like the Fusion 360. Check if you need a separate timecode solution.

From a sound community perspective it also brings into question the longevity of the **Timecode Systems SyncBac / SyncBacPro **within 360 video circles to ensure that the 6-8 cameras could be timecode synced for easier editing.

There is no price released yet for this but even with 2nd hand GoPro market being fairly strong its looking like the market for the SyncBac has shrunk for the 360 realm. It should be pointed out that this function would still be very relevant for syncing multiple GoPros for shoots though.

The folks over at [Engadget]( have been able to get their hands on one and share it with the rest of the world giving us the first real look at GoPro’s compact 360-degree action cam. This now offers an unrestricted 180 degree views unlike the housing for the GoPro Hero 5.
Full article at [Engadget]( Photo credit: AOL

Matt Price

Matt Price

I am a London Based Sound Mixer and Sound Recordist working on Feature Films, Creative Content, Documentaries and Commericials.

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