How I Ended Up As A Sound Recordist

Hey Guys and Gals,

Using the new platform app I am starting to do more audio content to explain difference aspects of being a Sound Recordist and it’s freelance lifestyle. Anchor being like the SnapChat of podcasting makes it easy for me to also interact with you guys and gals with call in options I can include. This was my first one and it went alright considering I don’t have a proper setup going into my phone which is a bit painful as a Sound Recordist.

In this first episode I go over how I got to live from being a Sound Recordist, thanks to the question from Brian.

The short version starts with by accident and ends with practicality. I decided to go to film school pretty much on the deadline for university. I did do youtube videos back when YouTube was first coming out and made little short films just to pass the time over summer, some of them are still up there but hidden away for more nostalgia than anything else.

There are 2 top categories for film schools: Directing / Camera. They of course include lighting and everything to do with that camera department in the bracket of Camera. After going through and trying out all the departments I chose sound.

This was for the practical reason of me having both creativity on set in the form of problem solving and technical processes. Creativity with boundaries is the best way to describe it. I feel this accelerated my learning and practice because I knew most of the limits and it was time to push them and take them to the next level in my own work hopefully.

I got very bored and frustrated with sound design as fixing other peoples problems isn’t as fun as fixing your own. This is where I made the shift to Location Sound Recordist because I felt that I could offer the most value on location and then that would double up and make the process of post production so much easier.

That’s the short version anyway, I’ll be sharing other aspects of my career development so far with stories like spending 11 hrs on a megabus (greyhound busses in the US and Canada) next to a drunk scottish man with a metal plate in his head at a later date.

I think If you enjoy something you should do the classic cliche thing and follow it right the way through to mastery.

Matt Price

Matt Price

I am a London Based Sound Mixer and Sound Recordist working on Feature Films, Creative Content, Documentaries and Commericials.

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