Changing From Sennheiser HD26 to DT 770 Pro (16 Ohm Edition)

Moving from Sennheiser HD26 to Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro

I recently in the 4th week of a feature managed to break my Sennheiser HD26s so I could only hear out of one side of it. I have had a great run with them and the HD25 MKII’s in the past as my only headphones to get used to with my mixer recorders.

I had the option of taking the HD25 MKII’s for the last two weeks but decided to give the DT 770 Pro ones a go. They where very comfy and so wanted to write about why i might not go back to the HD26s.


This might not sound important but on a feature listening for 10 hours a day and wearing them constantly you can’t have the chance of getting headaches or fatigue of any kind. The main reason for upgrading from the HD25s was the comfort factor, though maybe i have a massive head I don’t know about.

The DT 770 Pro was very comfy and being over ear instead of on my ears also makes wearing glasses more comfortable. I have successfully from much wearing pressed a nice dent for them in my skull anyway but every little helps.

Screeching vs Smooth

Since switching I have first noticed you naturally get more bass but nothing so severe i wanted to change my usual high pass filter settings. The HD26s had almost too clarity in the higher end register that looking back may have added to fatigue in the past. Thankfully i do other thinks like drink loads of water to combat this.

With this general lower register coupled with not needing to reduce headphone volume like on my HD26 to anywhere from -12 to -18 sometimes. The DT 770 Pro sit at around 0dB now on the headphone scale. This naturally changes with the fluctuations of louder or quieter recordings and environments but as a general comparison 10dB is quite a lot. I am not sure as yet what this means of the recordings themselves in terms of my perceptions of them.

Downsides of DT 770 Pro

So far in this early pilot the size seems to be the main drawback because being over ears and having tiny ears they swallow the whole lot. I will keep testing and seeing If i go back but its all good for me so far.

What are your experiences with headphones and was there ever a point that changed your mind for then using a different set of headphones?

Matt Price

Matt Price

I am a London Based Sound Mixer and Sound Recordist working on Feature Films, Creative Content, Documentaries and Commericials.

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