What's The Best Methods For Hiding A Tram TR50?

This is where I take questions from you guys and add my 2 cents πŸ™‚

1:44 – I choke on a peppercorn
2:21 – Testing Out The New Betso TX / Slate
4:10 – Sound Chats and new videos coming up in the week
6:01 – How often do I get to use more than 1 boom?
7:50 – Do I use matching Mics when double booming?
9:10 – What’s the best methods for hiding a Tram TR50?
11:29 – for multicam formal sit down interviews do I use analog or AES for sending to camera?
13:40 – Do you ever use DPA concealers? Or any other pre-made concealer?
14:28 – PMST-Audio​ uses Lectro’s, (411/400a and SMQ)….do you have any experience working with the LT’s transmitters?
17:28 – What’s your inventory of Lavs ? Different colours? How would you the sound of various lavs? Favourite?
18:53 – What kind of power do you use in your bag? NP batteries? Any recs on a good brand for NP cap and battery?
19:48 – For lectrosonics which block is considered to use for broadcast, is it block 27 or 24?
20:49 – Which headphones are you using for sound monitoring?
21:55 – What about charging? Is it worth buying the expensive NP chargers to condition batteries vs the cheap chargers that just plug right in?
23:05 – HD25s are fragile
24:34 – So how do you protect yourself from producers not getting paid etc?
27:54 – What kind of microphone are you using for this stream?
28:35 – Have you or considered replacing the antenna on your G3 wireless to get better range? Stock antenna is too flexible and wrong length for the frequency.
29:42 – are there similarities between location sound mixing and theatrical sound mixing? besides mixing like location mixing into recorder and theatre into a live pa? do mix line by line with a script?
31:44 – When editing dialogue, what are some of the problems which would necessitate ADR?
32:50 – How do you mic crowds/audience members at events? I’ve been setting a dynamic omni on a light stand but don’t find that works that well.

Matt Price

Matt Price

I am a London Based Sound Mixer and Sound Recordist working on Feature Films, Creative Content, Documentaries and Commericials.

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