ADR Tips For First Time Actors

The ADR Process

ADR Tips For First Time Actors starts with first understanding and outlining the process that the actors are going to go through so they understand why they are there. Actors have usually done the actual location work months or even years before and so these tips will be all about getting them back into the headspace.

List of reasons to explain for the ADR depending on different situations:
– Performance changes because of the edit processing taking out or adding certain bits
– Completely new lines for off screen performances
– Location audio was very poor
– Dialogue was unintelligible
there will be more but typically one of these answers with fit for ADR Tips For First Time Actors

ADR Tips For First Time Actors: Explaining the process

You are going to have a video of what we need to re-record. Then we will keep playing it on a loop with a count in and when you hear and see yourself speaking you have to try to match the sync and get to a similar performance level.

The first couple of passes just focus on the technical sync and remembering the lines. This is the time to say you understand its really hard when you did something a million years ago and suddenly have to command a perfect performance. The looping will help them get into a process of repetition and so then its trying to find the sweet spot between sync and performance. After you repeat something a lot of times it’s hard to have a genuine performance.

If a section is tricky or more complex than others you can just focus on phrases or just even single elements like sighs or coughs on screen.

Relationship with the director

Sometimes the director will be there or you may have to self direct the scenes. If a director is their they will largely explain all of this and you are only their for technical assistance. Deciding on your boundaries are going to be key for consistent communication but if you are on your own then making actors feel comfy will go a long way to speeding up the session and getting the best out of them.

Matt Price

Matt Price

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